Sleep better

Gerardo offers a great quality of slow tempo Lo-fi beats designed to help you achieve a good sleep over the days thanks to the simplistic, yet marvelous sound design on his tracks. From synth pads to melodic ambient guitars and carefully selected drum sounds.

“Listening to Gerardo´s music has made my nights go easier for me, lovely music all around!”

– Alicia Slater, Professional Photographer

Relax, sleep and study

With Gerardo´s music, everything will be possible.
Just grab your favorite drink, add your fav tracks to your personal playlist and enjoy the ride!

– Healing trough music –

Lofi Sleep Helps you

Slow tempo beats will help you slow down and have a pleasant dream

Thanks to the quiet sounds of nature often found on the genre and the tranquil mood of the tracks

Thanks to the ethereal sounds that Gerardo designs in his latest releases

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An EP that marked a new era for the Lofi Scene

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